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The Taliban Released About 60 Afghan Soldiers

The Taliban Released About 60 Afghan Soldiers

The Taliban released three groups of Afghan soldiers totaling about 60 people. This was announced on Saturday by the official representative of the Qatari political office of the radical Taliban movement (banned in Russia), Mohammad Sohail Shaheen.

"At the moment, we have released about 60 prisoners, including soldiers and policemen of the Kabul administration. They were released in groups of 20. And we will continue to release new groups in the future, " he said.

As Shaheen noted, the Taliban still insist that their supporters be released based on a peace agreement with the United States without preconditions, and not based on a decree by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. "This is an obstacle because we will start inter-Afghan negotiations only if all 5,000 prisoners are released simultaneously or within a short period," he said.

On April 12, the Taliban released 20 prisoners linked to the Afghan authorities. The process of transferring those held in captivity by the Taliban was supervised and mediated by the International Committee of the red cross.

However, sometime later, the Afghan government reported that among the people handed over to the authorities were not military personnel, but only civilians who were also held in Taliban prisons.

On Thursday, the radical movement announced the release of 20 captured soldiers. According to the national security Council of Afghanistan, Kabul released 300 imprisoned Taliban supporters by Ghani's decree.

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