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The Cancellation Of Limitations Imposed Due To Coronavirus In The United States Will Take Place In Three Stages

The Cancellation Of Limitations Imposed Due To Coronavirus In The United States Will Take Place In Three Stages

The United States is beginning to gradually lift health restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus. It will take place in three stages. This news was announced at a briefing for journalists by President Donald Trump. It was broadcast on the White House website.

In the first stage, health restrictions will remain in place for groups that are vulnerable to coronavirus. In public places, the requirement of social distance between people will remain. The ban on meetings of more than ten people and trips that are not considered urgent will continue to apply. Educational institutions will be closed, and visiting the elderly will be prohibited.

In the second stage, it is planned to open educational institutions and ease restrictions on meetings of up to 50 people. Optional trips will be allowed. Elderly people can be visited with special permits.

In the third stage, restrictions will be lifted for those vulnerable to the coronavirus. They will be required to observe the rules of social distance. All institutions will resume their work.

A similar scheme will be used for restarting other areas of social and business activity. So, sports events will first resume in the broadcast mode on television. Later, fans will be allowed to attend them on the terms of social distance (one seat through two empty ones). Once the threat of coronavirus is eliminated, full access to stadiums will open.

Step-by-step actions to remove restrictions, according to Trump, will be carried out by state governors themselves based on new recommendations for measures against COVID-19 ("Guidelines"). According to Trump, "to preserve the health of our citizens, we must keep our economy running." In some States, economic activity will resume soon, in others-later. This will depend on the number of people in each state, the President explained. According to him, an early resumption of economic activity is possible in 30 States, and some ‒ "even tomorrow."

According to the President, no new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in the past 7 days in 30% of the United States. The peak of new cases of infection was passed in 850 territories, Trump said. He added that the country should prevent the import of coronavirus from abroad. "Border controls, entry restrictions, and other measures are more important than ever to keep the virus under control and allow Americans to get back to work," the President said.

In March, Trump put into effect the sanitary restrictions provided for in the first edition of the "Guidelines." Initially, they were introduced for 15 days, and on March 29, they were extended to April 30. According to the decision of the authorities, only shops selling essential goods and pharmacies were allowed to operate during the epidemic. Restaurants and cafes are open on takeaway orders. Gyms, museums, educational institutions, cinemas, and theaters are closed. Americans are on a self-isolation regime that involves going out of the house to shops and pharmacies, visiting doctors, and one daily workout on the street.

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