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Mass Protests Against The Quarantine Took Place In The United States

Mass Protests Against The Quarantine Took Place In The United States

Mass protests demanding the lifting of quarantine measures imposed against the background of the coronavirus pandemic took place in the various US States, according to Fox News.

Organized events against the quarantine regime were held in Ohio, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Texas, and Wisconsin. Supporters of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were seen among the protesters wearing red caps with the slogan "Make America great again!"

The publication emphasizes that in Ohio, protesters also demanded the immediate resignation of Governor Mike DeWine.

On April 16, Trump's plan to gradually open the country and phase out restrictive measures in 29 States imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic was unveiled. To switch to a relaxed quarantine regime, regional authorities must record a decrease in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 within two weeks.

Trump suggested that governors make their own decisions about lifting sanitary restrictions in the regions. The state of Texas was the first to announce the beginning of easing the quarantine regime. Starting Friday, April 24, restrictions will begin to be lifted in Montana. Many businesses will resume operations on May 1 in Ohio, North Dakota, and Idaho.

According to the Johns Hopkins University on April 19, more than 732 thousand people in the United States fell ill with CAVID-19, and 38,664 citizens died from the infection. 64,840 patients were discharged from hospitals. Currently, the United States ranks first in the number of infected and in the number of deaths from coronavirus worldwide.

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