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A Mobile App To Help Fight Coronavirus To Be Developed In The UK

A Mobile App To Help Fight Coronavirus To Be Developed In The UK

The National Health Service (NHS) of Great Britain is working to create a mobile app that can identify the circle of people who came into contact with infected with the coronavirus, according to The Sunday Times.

According to the announcement, the Department's technology division cooperates with Google and Apple companies, and the work is progressing rapidly. The program will use Bluetooth technology: it allows you to register contacts between devices located at a close distance. In this way, users who are close to the infected person will be able to receive a notification. Similar applications are already being used, for example, in Singapore and India.

The British authorities emphasize that technology should not threaten the security of people's personal data. Alerts will be anonymous, and information obtained through the app will not be used by the police to monitor compliance with restrictions related to self-isolation. Otherwise, the application will not be widely distributed, and, according to experts, for its effectiveness, at least 60% of the population must use it.

"We think this could be a big step towards returning the country to normal life," government sources said.

According to the latest data, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the United Kingdom has almost reached 79 thousand, and the number of deaths is close to 10 thousand. In the course of the coronavirus pandemic, almost 1.7 million people were infected in the world, and over 100,000 died.

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