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Turkey Will Start Processing Food Waste Into Animal Feed

Turkey Will Start Processing Food Waste Into Animal Feed

The municipality of Konya will create an enterprise for processing food waste into animal feed. The project will be part of the "Zero waste" policy developed by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urban Development, according to a statement on the mayor's website.

The authorities plan to use the obtained feed for keeping homeless animals. Mayor of Konya Ugur Ibrahim Altay noted that the city has "the most modern and largest animal shelter in all of Turkey," covering an area of 1 million square meters.

According to Altai, the initiative will solve several tasks at once: feed the animals, get rid of the need to buy foreign feed, and also contribute to the development of the city's economic potential. "In our shelter alone, animals eat 400 tons of food every year. We import most of it. As soon as we implement the project, we will get rid of import dependence, and the cost of feed will significantly decrease," he said.

As part of the project, municipal employees will collect food leftovers from state institutions and catering enterprises in special refrigerators. After sterilization, the waste will be processed into feed. They can be used by municipal shelters and rehabilitation centers, as well as independent organizations for the protection of animal rights, volunteers and other concerned people.

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