1875 almanac. Another book found in a capsule from the Robert E. Lee statue pedestal

1875 almanac. Another book found in a capsule from the Robert E. Lee statue pedestal ...

Dec 22 - The 1875-ern almanac and other documents were discovered on Wednesday inside a time capsule that was encased in a pedestal of the formerly statue of the Confederate General Robert E. Lee's standing in the city of Richmond.

The conservatory at the state's Department of Historic Resources opened the lead box after hours of meticulous drilling to discover the almanac, two other unidentified books and a cloth envelope with unknown contents. A coin was stuck in one of the books.

But earlier this week's discovery proved a different capsule.

The memorial of Joseph was erected on Monument Avenue in Richmond, capital of the slavery organization, The United States, a group of broken southern states fighting against the Union forces in the Civil War 1861-65.

The sixth-story statue was removed from its base in September after an 18-year legal battle. It was the first of an annual protest against racism in South Korea. Advocates said that they honor the Southern heritage and sacrifices made by those who fought during the war.

Democrat, Northam announced plans for his removal in the city's summer of 2020, 10 days after a white policeman killed Black George Floyd, who was in the street. That led to nationwide protests.

On Friday, crews discovered the time capsule while disassembling the pedestal with which the statue was held.

The lead box was found about 20 feet (6 m2) above the ground, encased in 1 500 pound, 680 kg, block of granite according to the Department of Historic Resources.

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