New York city is a perfect place for Christmas

New York city is a perfect place for Christmas ...

NEW YORK, Dec 22 - A new York City neighborhood is heavily turned on for Christmas, attracting visitors to the annual light show, even though Omicron doesn't work in the mood for its celebrations.

In Brooklyn's Dyker Heights, a lively show of snowman's nativity, reindeer, candy canes and light-studded trees and bushes inspire their lives.

For some visitors, the experience is just what the doctor ordered.

The Swiss tourist, Maria Issautier, said it was very important to watch the Christmas spirit. "And with all these months and years of pain, it's a new hope to watch the spectacle.

The lack of snow did not faze people from more tropical areas.

The light shows became a ten-minute stop for tours with the likes of Rockefeller and Times Square, according to residents.

It's strange watching it explode to the popularity that it is now, said Frank Wilders from the neighborhood, with his son Ryan by his side. "Having the opportunity to share this with my kids, even my son, makes it even better."

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