British watchdog denounces Arsenal's soccer club over a crypto token ads

British watchdog denounces Arsenal's soccer club over a crypto token ads ...

London, 22th December 2018 - A friend of the king had warned Arsenal on Wednesday about his "fan token" ads that were not used by soccer clubs this year to buy their money.

The association said two ads in August posted on Arsenal's website and Facebook were "misleading" and that they didn't clear the risk of trading crypto, risks and any tax implications or that tokens aren't regulated in Britain.

That the ads don't need to appear again in the same form.

Fan tokens allow supporters of soccer and other sports clubs to vote on minor decisions such as songs played at matches after a goal is scored, or images used on social media.

The tokens trade on exchanges like other cryptocurrencies, are inaccessible to wild swings in price, and often are inaccessible to on-field performance.

The ASA's move is part of the watchdog's policy on crypto ads in the UK.

"Cryptoassets are a red-alert priority issue," a spokesperson said. "We won't hesitate to act against advertising that smack our own privacy."

It said that Arsenal's ads were "irresponsible because they took advantage of consumer's inexperience or credulity and trivialised investment in cryptoassets".

The Arsenal spokesperson said it's seeking an independent review of the ruling and it would "endavour to comply" with the watchdog's guidance.

The spokesperson said that we take seriously our responsibilities in the marketing of our fans. "We carefully considered the communications to fans regarding our promotions and provided information about the financial risks."

Arsenal said that the ASA wanted fan tokens to boost the participation of fans and were virtually identical to other cryptocurrencies used to pay.

Many fans dismissed the tokens as offering only superficial participation - which does not add to the cost of following their teams. Others say they appreciate a new way to communicate with their teams.


Arsenal is one of several sports clubs turning to alternative revenue sources after coronavirus locks downs that, according to Deloitte, created a 12% drop in the top 20 clubs in the last year's earnings.

More than 40 clubs in Europe and South America have launched fan tokens. Other English Premier League clubs have already launched or plan to launch fan tokens include the Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Leeds, Everton and Aston Villa.

The biggest fan token, launched by Paris Saint-Germain, is worth four hundred dollars, according to CoinMarketCap. In addition, bitcoin is valued at nine29 billion dollars. Arsenal is worth three thousand dollars.

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