The university of Hong Kong fences off the Tiananmen statue on campus

The university of Hong Kong fences off the Tiananmen statue on campus ...

YONG, Dec 23 - A leading university in Hong Kong has taken down a statue that has dated nearly 20 years since a 1989 protest of pro-democracy protesters in the city of Tiananmen Square.

The copper sculpture - "Pillar of shame" - built by the University of Hong Kong last night commemorates the 20 years of the deadliest people of the Chinese human rights and the extinction of the human rights has been achieved by Chinese officials.

The artwork, of anguished human torsoes, is one of the few public memorials remaining in the former British colony that honours the massive crackdown that is unconvinced on mainland China where it cannot be publicized.

Two Reuters journalists noticed that dozens of workers wearing yellow hard hats entered the statuess, which had been draped on all sides by white plastic sheeting and were guarded by dozens of security personnel.

With the watchful noise of power tools and chains, workers were seen putting the top half of the statue on a crane and tearing it up on the crane from the waiting container.

The university sent a legal letter asking the custodians to remove the statue to get permission.

The Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot, who created a statue, said in a statement that he was "totally shocked" at this move on private property and that he would "claim compensation for any damage caused to the sculpture"

The university did not respond to a Reuters comment request.

Some students said that the move would undermine HKU's reputation.

"The university is a coward to conduct this action at midnight," said a 19-year-old student on the street, Chan. "I feel very disappointed as it's a symbol of history." Those campuses claim to be liberate from a tradition, yet they can't even keep historic monuments.

Another student, Leung, said he's "heartbroken" to see the statue "being cut into pieces".

The removal of the statue is the latest step to get people or associations to commemorate the sensitive day of June 4, 1989, date and events.

Governments have been trying to curb the civil rights imposed by China in Hong Kong under a national security law a chinese-imposed law being used to suppress civil society, jail democracy activists and curb basic freedoms.

Western governments accused China of using the security law as a tool of repression.

China has never noted the 1989 crackdown if it hadn't been completely investigated. Officials killed about 300 people, but rights groups and witnesses say thousands could be killed.

That's really unfortunate for the Communist Party to forget about this (Tiananmen). The politic scientist said that he has known to Reuters a long time ago, he had for the past forty years called for the government to have the statue to remain.

They would like it to be forgotten globally.

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