Kosovo introduces a power cut due to a energy crisis

Kosovo introduces a power cut due to a energy crisis ...

PRISTINA, December 22 - The energy distributor KEDS said on Wednesday that it'll introduce power outages across the country due to low domestic demand and high energy import prices.

In a statement, the KEDS said that two hour long power outages would affect everyone within the next 24 hours and last until further notice.

As we face the worst electricity crisis in the world, the governing organ of KOSTT has instructed us to start with restrictions on electricity, according to a law.

In response to a long period of frustration, many businesses and households took out power generators.

The number of euros which the government paid to import electricity was around 60 euros, according to the prime minister. However, the price per MW/h is six times higher than when the price of electricity remained 60 euros.

The country is now importing 40% of the electricity production from the countries that have a low demand for the past eight years. With the same degree of cold water, the consumption of energy is growing as the majority of the consumers are using it to heat up.

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