French are waiting for a COVD test before Christmas reunions

French are waiting for a COVD test before Christmas reunions ...

- Jules de Biase has a completely vaccinated child and doesn't have any COVID-19-associated symptoms, but Wednesday, a day after seeing his grandmother over Christmas holidays, he took a test to see if he's good.

"Don't be mistaken", she said.

Many others agree, the Omicron variant spread rapidly across France and the rest of the Western Europe until the festive period.

Laura Korniak, a 29-year-old communications specialist, said she was getting tested as a precaution, too.

"I wanted to meet with my family to celebrate Christmas," she said.

COVID PCR and antigen tests are free for people in the French social security system and the vaccinated, while the tests are some of the cheapest in Europe, with a antigen test typically costing about 25 euros (28.27 dollars) and a PCR costs less than 50 euros.

France has already requested a health pass to enter bars, restaurants, museums and other entertainment sites.

On Wednesday, a health minister told me Omicron would soon become the dominant variant in the country with a report showing that it would hit 100,000 new infections per day by the end of the year.

The pharmaceuticals said they're struggling to keep up with the demand for tests.

After two weeks, it was a lengthy, difficult day, so now we're easy at 200 a day, said Farah Ghalawinji, a pharmacist at Issy Les Moulineaux near Paris.

"There is a lot of demand for home-testing kits, but now we have no stock."

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