As Omicron fears weigh, Toronto index down, and pot stocks drag

As Omicron fears weigh, Toronto index down, and pot stocks drag ...

Dec 22, - The principal stock index fell lower on Wednesday in volatile trading, whose investors remain cautious amid renewed global restrictions to curb the spread of Omicron varieties, while pot producers flooded the market.

At the start of the year, the Toronto Stock Exchange traded a Composite Index of 31,68, or 0,16% compared to its yearly gain - a day after the biggest gain since February.

The health stock was stricken, stricken, and down 1,1% weighed by a pot producer Canopy Growth Corp, Cronos Group Inc. and Aurora Cannabis Inc.

"So what happened yesterday a relief rally or a dead cat bounce, we're calm again and more, a lot of people are already out on holidays and we're still having some lingering tax-loss sales," said Colin Cieszynski, a chief market strategist at SIA Wealth Management.

The energy sector fell by 1,1 % in a barrel, even though the US crude price was up by 1 %.

After the IT service provider reported that the AG will acquire Australia-listed Link Administration Holdings Ltd for about 3,2 billion dollars (2,48 billion) on Tuesday, the company increased 0.4% in technology and began expanding its stock by 16% in a row.

Markets have been insane this month as rising infections caused by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus forced countries to reinstate restrictions and sparked an end of a global economic recovery.

The materials industry lost 0.5%, the collection of a few u.s. and a few ten-six million euros.


Blackberry fell a fifth-quarter profit, the most on TSX, despite a beat of 5,3 p.m. g/s in the fourth quarter revenue.

The TSX had two new highs of 52 weeks and none of the lows.

Across all Canadian issues there were eight new 52-week highs and four new lows, with total volume of over 35.14 million shares.

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