As many companies as the Tel Aviv bourses as many as 1921 shares increase in twenty 21 and more in nine years

As many companies as the Tel Aviv bourses as many as 1921 shares increase in twenty 21 and more in n ...

The TASE exchange has reached a nine-year high in 2021, the daily turnover has reached its highest level in more than a decade, said the bourse on Wednesday.

One hundred companies are listed on the TASE, where one-third of those dual listed in New York and other exchanges. During the year, 97 companies listed, 55 of them high-tech, and for the most annual listing since 1993, the exchange said.

In 2007 sold six54 companies a share.

Around 26 billion shekels ($8,2 Mrd.) went on raised in public companies on the annual TASE this year, with a rise of nearly 17 Mrd. in 2020.

Daily turnover was steady at 1,9 billion shekels, but on average, was 440% higher than in 2019 and it has gone to 2 billion in 2010.

The list of Companies, included Rada Electronic Industries, along with Nasdaq listing.

Assuming the investment in the capital market, it took a lot of progress.

The real estate market is the home of Israel's economy. "As of today, the capital is home to the community, the real economy is the result of the real real estate's success," said the man.

Since 2010 it had lost 40 percent of its investors in 2019, the company became a public company and spent a few years as a result of the decline in sales.

This was caused by the destruction of vast flows of massive free-flows that never existed in the world.

Last week, MSCI said it was considering reassigning Israel to a new region, likely Europe, so that i would have a large influx of passive revenue from the capital markets.

In 2021 the blue-chip Tel Aviv 35 index has gained 26%, compared to an 11 percent decline last year, and the larger index of 90 shares has gained 29%, down from a low of 0.8% in 2020, the daily turnover for bonds slipped 4% to 4 billion shekels.

The TASE high-tech index, however, rose 4% in 2021 after falling 39% last year.

(1 for 1 = 3,1615 shekels)

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