The weed acetyle eats quickly

The weed acetyle eats quickly ...

In order to get a profit from the newest legalization buzz, Canada needs to give a little time for it.

That is exactly the same as $17.5 billion in legal sales in the United States where pot is illegal at the federal level, but Bernstein expects the American market will be worth $40 billion annually by 2026 if it happens to 2026.

The introduction of legislation to decriminalize marijuana in November has stalled the growing numbers of participants in the Washington House of Representatives - but enough is enough to encourage multistate operators like Green Thumb Industries and Cresco Labs to grow production capacity and strengthen their balance sheets.

Meanwhile the high after the federal agreement is over, and that a new legalization to the government is ending. The unrealistic for pot companies have fallen down; The Ontario-based Canopy Growth has pushed back its profitability expectations; Hexo and others have slashed their workforces.

They are running out of time. Their pricing is still higher for operators like Meta Platforms and Netflix, but given the big potential upside of legalization to the south, compared to what Bank of Montreal reckons will be a more profitable operation, a broader multi-faceted scale of its own, letting the feds make marijuana completely legal, the differential might not last.

Those with the merger munchies are working in order to reach their targets before this could happen. This is one structure the company is using to gain more than $300 million in October for the right to acquire Wana, as well as one of the more advanced ones from the US, where it has struck a similar deal with Acreage.

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Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth said on Oct. 14 that it secured the right to acquire the Colorado-based cannabis edibles company Wana for $298 million in federal legalization of marijuana in the U.S.

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