Austria tightens restrictions as it is bracing for Omicron wave

Austria tightens restrictions as it is bracing for Omicron wave ...

On Wednesday, the health official said, Austria introducing a 10-p.m. closing deadline to slow the spread of the Omicron coronavirus after Christmas and to prevent the imported variant from hitting the hardest in Europe.

The Austrian version has been released since the fourth full coronavirus, now 10 days ago. As an estimated 3 weeks, the spread of the disease caused a hefty spike in COVID-19 infections, yet the country is for another surge due to the extremely contagious Omicron variant.

On the grounds of the prevalence of the Omicron variant there, Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway will be classified as risk zones, according to the WHO.

New arrivals from these countries, some of which are among the most popular tourist destinations of the winter sports hotspot, will have to stay in quarantine if they do not have a booster shot and can show negative PCR test, Reich said.

She said she always mentioned a little breathing space in the long run. This time she has gained much attention (through the lockdown) to learn more about Omicron, one hand and give hospitals more time to relieve pressure on intensive-care units, she said.

The ten o'clock closure will be imposed on the hospitality industry from Dec. 27th. It'll remain in place on New Year's Eve, she added. The public must celebrate the holiday in a group and with an vaccinated person, not for the rest of the public.

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