Xian, Chinese city, stops the lives of its residents, as part of an outbreak of COVID

Xian, Chinese city, stops the lives of its residents, as part of an outbreak of COVID ...

After a lengthy break from Xian's main island, a ten-million residents kept their homes vacated, warning them not to leave the city unnecessarily due to the large number of COVID-19 cases under Beijing's guidance.

Xian, in the northwest of China, has reported more than 140 domestic infections with confirmed symptoms since Dec. 12 in the latest cluster, caused by the Delta virus.

A handful of cities found out that there were numerous cases linked to the Xian outbreaks, and one from Beijing's capital city.

Despite that, the reported number is very low, compared with many fresh outbreaks in the rest of the world, including those caused by the Omicron strain of the virus, which emerged last month.

However, the Xian government pledged to curb movement by residents, and that it was signaling that Beijing would not tolerate a spread of bloody infections.

The city has yet to implement a harsh lockdown, such as early 2020 in Wuhan, but asked for the city's residents to refrain from leaving town unless they are assessed for COVID-19 before departure and get clearance from employers or community-level authorities.

Local authorities prevented more than seven thousand people from trying to leave, said state broadcaster CCTV, without discussing details.

Starting Thursday, only one person in the individual household in Xian can go out for necessary shopping every two days, while others who are not in a family, according to a news briefing.

The city also suspended dining at restaurants, hosted large meetings and exhibitions, shut down non-essential companies and allowed employees to work remotely.

China reported a lot of Omicron cases among international travelers and one transmitted infectious disease.

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