India's capital bans Christmas, New Year celebrations over Omicron fear

India's capital bans Christmas, New Year celebrations over Omicron fear ...

New Delhi, Dec. 22 - The capital of India's capital, New Delhi on Wednesday banned christmas and other celebrations as soon as New Year arrives, so the signal that the country is the country's biggest population, along with Maharashtra's state, a surge of cases may be a factor in the signal a decline in the Omicron coronavirus and the highest number of cases is attributed to the city.

In the past 24 hours, India's relic of Omicron has increased to 223, with 13 more cases in 15 states. Maharashtra, a western state where Omicron cases are increasing, advised the people to avoid gatherings.

In India has not reported any deaths due to this variant so far, His health minister said the most known cases are asymptomatic.

"No cultural gatherings/congregation can take place for the celebration of Christmas or New Year at the Delhi capital," said the Delhi Disaster Management Authority in its circular on Wednesday.

Since he had a name he was an indifference for a city of 20 million people, the authority added that there were persistent increases in COVID-19 cases in the last few days. "It is necessary to address the spreading of the problem of what could be considered as an omicron variant."

The health ministry asked states to prepare for potential infection surges and gave them the green light to impose restrictions on large gatherings, marriages and offices.

The Delhi government also imposed a half-honor limit in restaurants and reduced the number of people permitted in weddings to 200, according to the circular.

Even though some states and medical experts called for help, the government hasn't decided to give citizens booster shots.

India's daily new COVID-19 infection has halved in the last month, and the government is chasing inoculating all of its 944 million adults. It has administered at least one u.s. injection to an estimated 87 percent of the eligible population.

In the latest 24 hours, there were 617 new COVID-19 cases, totaling 34,76 million hits global.

"It's definitely not the time to stand off as the threat is imminent", said Rijo John, a health economist in Kochi's southern city.

The standard for the holidays is a must.

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