France cancels orders for Merck's antiviral drug COVID-19

France cancels orders for Merck's antiviral drug COVID-19 ...

- The health minister said that France has cancelled its order for the COVID-19 antiviral drug, following a disappointing trial results and hopes that it will be an effective antiviral drug by the end of January, the health minister said.

France, as the first country to publicly say, cancelled an order for the Merck treatment after a firm released data in late November suggesting that its drug was significantly less effective than previously thought, reducing hospitalizations and deaths in its clinical trial of high-risk individuals by about 30 percent.

"The latest study was terrible," told BFM TV.

A spokesperson for Merck said that the proposed purchase isn't decided since the health authority refused to approve the pill earlier this month.

The company said that it continue to work together with the European Medicines Association (EMA) on the regulatory review of the drug. It has had deal with more than 30 countries to supply or sell the pill, and shipped its product to 12 countries and had 11 countries to do so.

I think that vaccines and vaccines are the main weapons against COVID-19, but at the same time, the danger of losing access to the doctors can improve the outcome of those who are most vulnerable to disease.

France had ordered 50,000 doses of the antiviral drug molnupiravir developed by Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics.

Veran said the cancellation wouldn't incur a cost.


In Italy, the office of the special commissioner for the emergency in COVID said on Nov. 18 that on the health ministry, it received a mandate to buy 50 centimeters of the Merck pills and another 50,000 centimeters of the fizer pill.

The deal isn't finalised yet, but it is still in progress, said a spokesperson for the commissioner on Tuesday.

The head of the Italian drug manufacturer Aifa told a Senate committee on Dec. 9 that two treatments could be available in Italy from the end of January.

However, regardless of the available price of medicines, there will be assessments of their use, say two top scientists from the u.s. and an expert.

There must be an assessment in accordance with the assessments of the regulatory bodies, said Walter Ricciardi, a top health minister-liasant onwards.

Germany has bought Merck's antiviral treatment already, spoke on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

"This is a binding order," he said. Berlin also spoke about buying its antiviral drug with Pfizer.

The EMA is expected to decide for next year whether to approve the Merck and Pfizer pills.

Pfizer's Paxlovid has demonstrated near 90 percent efficacy in preventing COVID-19 hospitalisations and deaths in high-risk patients.

Rather, France bought this drug, Veran said, without saying how many doses it has secured.

The minister said that the country will be making it into a full market before the end of January.

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