Leonardo sees the KNDS proposal as interesting, so a decision never made on units sold

Leonardo sees the KNDS proposal as interesting, so a decision never made on units sold ...

... - The CEO of Leonardo in Italy, which is considering the sale of its two units, said that he saw a proposal from the two-strong group - which was of interest to the german slugger company, and also smashed the proposal into the idea of a major newcomer but decided it would still not settle the dispute.

Both KNDS and Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri expressed their interest in buying Leonardo's OTO Melara and Wass units, sources said.

It's unusually possible that a foreign consortium buys two units, and the Italian political circles speculate.

Speaking to a parliamentary committee, Leonardo chief executive Alessandro Profumo said on Wednesday that the group was waiting for the buyers to submit a detailed offer for the units before making a decision.

The 'Candato of the Fire' is an intriguing partner, considering the role of the 'Main Battle-Base' (programme) and the complexity of the 'Syndromo', Profumo said. Italy would benefit from joining the MGCS program.

"We have got two interests and today we asked prospective buyers to present non-binding offers," he said. "The group plans on making a decision based on several things, including the price and the possibility of international cooperation."

Profumo denied the news media rumours about the tension between Fincantieri and Fincantieri over the sale of the two units.

"We have no ties with Fincantieri," said Profumo.

Rheinmetall could also join the fight to acquire Leonardo's assets in partnership with Fincantieri.

The newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore said that it was informal for the Italian government of Oto Melara, that it acted in collaboration with Fincantieri.

The Austrian leader Alessandro Ercolani told the parliamentary committee on Wednesday that the German group was ready to evaluate possible cooperation with Oto Melara.

In a hearing after Profumo's death, Ercolani added the group's readiness to help Oto Melara grow, making it an extremely high notch.

While he did not explain how this collaboration would work, he immediately gave no mention of an acquisition of Leonardo's unit.

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