The Egyptian state's Sisi warned the newly weds to pay for the new subsidy card isn't going to cover their children

The Egyptian state's Sisi warned the newly weds to pay for the new subsidy card isn't going to cover ...

Reuters reported that the Egyptian President hoped to bring home the "sevent woman of the same age" to the United States, he told reporters on Wednesday that "all this is required to do is feed their kids."

Sisi's comments come after he shocked the Egyptians in August and said it was time to increase bread prices and repeat the issue for the first time since 1977 when former president Anwar Sadat reversed the price rise despite the riots.

The country's sprawling subsidy scheme provides more than 60 million Egyptians with a bread, rice and sugar cost. An estimated 30% of the population lives under the poverty line by the government. Many struggle without water and sanitation.

Subsidy cards are issued by the Ministry of Supply, and beneficiaries can easily increase their personal use by adding personal items to their family, for example if they grow up. In 2017, the government capped the number of people who took the gift to pay in 2017.

I don't have a way of making cards for people who are getting married. If you are having a rough day and a ration card, you can't afford it (living costs), Sisi told the first project of development in Egypt.

"This culture changed my mind. Only in our country, people expect to buy items that are less expensive than their value, and to get services that are more expensive than their price, and to have children and (expect) someone else to feed them," said he.

Sisi said the decision doesn't affect the past holders of cards issued but that no new card would only cover two people. He didn't tell reporters when the change would come into effect.

Ali Moselhy, supply minister said that ministry would study the president's announcement.

"The president is speaking about persons taking responsibility for their actions". We are studying this issue regarding newly issued cards but, by default, there won't be any children added to the cards," Moselhy said on the sidelines of a press conference.

Economists have said for years that Egypt, the world's biggest wheat importer and the arab world's most populous country, must take a step in the modernisation of its economy.

Sisi and his government have always called for a family plan to go forward with a new plan, called "Two is enough" campaign called a challenge to the tradition of large families in rural Egypt. The country's 100 millionth person was registered in February 2020.

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