A rand of South Africa recovered from a decreased risk appetite

A rand of South Africa recovered from a decreased risk appetite ...

JOHANNESBURG, Dec. 22 - South Africa's rand put the dollar in the mood for risk as the economic strength continued to regain momentum despite forecasts that the impact of the Omicron variant on the global economy will be limited.

At 1531 GMT, the rand traded at 15.8500 against the dollar, a 06% increase in value than the previous close.

The holidays have arrived. However, in the moment the currency market is somewhat weak. Daily trading volumes likely will sink, said Andre Cilliers, an expert for TreasuryOne.

"The only real, impactful news is the rapid spreading COVID-19 virus, and the increasing number of restrictive measures being taken in a certain country."

Since the early outbreak of the Omicron variant, investors took off for holidays to try to protect against risk, with knee-jerk reactions to the virus always present in the daytime.

Many countries think the development of the different technologies is the main reason for the debate, and the government are concerned with the possibility of a newer generation, while the researchers seek to understand the possibilities for the evolution of that language.

On Wednesday a South African study suggested reduced risk of hospitalisation and severe disease in people infected with the Omicron coronavirus variant versus Delta, though some of that is likely due to the high population immunity.

As the risk appetite increased, the all-Share index of Johannesburg closed with three,44% firmer, and the top 40 index rose with 0.3%.

In fixed income, the yield of the benchmarks made up the debt to 9.385.

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