Olympic Games Sweden's Ice Hockey Dreams were built by domestic players while NHL players will pull out

Olympic Games Sweden's Ice Hockey Dreams were built by domestic players while NHL players will pull  ...

SANTA, Dec 22 - The Swedish Hockey League (SHL) is planning to play an easy tournament, with a strong team of home-based players that would follow the nation's favorite team on a strong basis to claim their gold in one of the nation's favourite sports.

ESPN reported on Tuesday that the American National Hockey League won't send its players to Beijing to compete, as the highly transmissible Omicron variant of the coronavirus spreads around the world.

The two nation's champions won three silver and four bronze medals over 12 previous Olympics, and the domestic league doesn't intend to let the lack of NHL players derail their ambitions in Beijing.

"We're prepared for the situation where the NHL players won't participate in the Olympic Games." It was a possible scenario, and we're prepared," told Reuters in a interview.

"During the Games, there are 34 games planned, and the majority of them will go ahead according to the scheduled theme." "The majority of our games are going to be moved."

Sweden is home to one of the most competitive leagues in the world, with many imported players, and the Swedish clubs will likely have to release them to other nations that will participate in the tournament.

The decision's all right, but it's under control.

The regular season of the 14-team league runs from September to March, with playoffs in March and April, with all but two teams based in the southern part of the country.

The Swedish government announced a restriction to try to spread the Omicron variant, which will touch fans attending games in the coming weeks, but the league continues to go as usual.

The pandemic is unpredictable, the players and our medical teams are prepared, they use rapid tests more frequently now and the clubs have guidelines for how to handle any positive cases that may arise", Hemlin said.

"Also it is for watching the other day play, so as to find solutions to the challenges, so we have a good, entertaining Olympic tournament," he said.

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