Danish woman was remanded after laundering a sum of 4.5 bln in The Inke Bank scandal

Danish woman was remanded after laundering a sum of 4.5 bln in The Inke Bank scandal ...

- A Danish woman was remanded in custody on Wednesday after alleged involvement in a money laundering case where more than 30 billion Danish crowns ($4.5 billion) were distributed to the Danske Bank's Estonian branch, the prosecutor said on Wednesday.

The 49-year-old Danish citizen was placed in custody for 21 days at the Copenhagen city court on Wednesday.

According to the court, the woman was allowed to apply a publication ban to Denmark in order to be extradited from the British Kingdom. She was resorted to Britain, but was forced to hide her identity, according to the prosecutor.

She said she had been shocked when police arrived in July last year at her house in England and confiscated computers and phones.

"I was shocked because I know with 100%, 20% (certainty) that I did nothing wrong," said Ritzau, a newspaper journalist.

The case, in which two other people have also been charged, was caught up in the world's largest money laundering scandal, in the company's biggest bank.

Thousands of dollars of suspicious transactions spread from 2007 to 2015.

The bank declined to comment on that case.

A 47-year-old woman was arrested in May in the same case shortly after, during a separate case of money laundering worth 140 million crowns, in the same case as in Copenhagen city court.

The three suspects are probably the first in Denmark to face concrete legal action in the money laundering case, apart from the people at the banks of the country.

The Danish public prosecutor dropped charges against the former chief executive Thomas Borgen and eight other managers.

The charges against the three suspects allege they laundered money through several limited partnerships, all of which had bank accounts in Danske's now closed Estonian branch, between March 2008 and March 2016.

1 dollar = 6 5887 Danish crowns)

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