Draghi signals he will be willing to become president

Draghi signals he will be willing to become president ...

The Italian prime minister said on Wednesday that he'd willingly become head of state if the position falls free early next year, adding that his unity government has already completed a lot of its agenda.

The group will decide the number of new presidents in January. The former chief of the European Central Bank is the bookmaker's favourite to replace Sergio Mattarella, who has previously ruled out another seven-year term.

Draghi's administration had set the foundations for a multi-billion-dollar recovery fund, after receiving the clearest signal yet that he would be happy at this role.

"We have created a condition for this work to continue, regardless of who is there," Draghi told the traditional end-of-year news conference - stating he's ready to shift the number of roles if parliamentarians wanted it.

"My personal destiny is limited, but I have no special ambitions, so my grandfather is a member of the institutions," said Draghi.

If he switched job, the government would lose. But Draghi said it is important for the broad coalition to remain untouched until the official end of the parliamentary term in 2023.

"Even the legislature should continue its active action against the pandemic, boosting growth and implementing the EU's fonds," he said.

The president has become a increasingly strong part of Italy's history, and has been repeatedly asked to overcome the political conflict after the national elections, and overcome the subsequent coalition crises.

If he became a state coach, Draghi could help guide the country by the foot of the street, a potentially reassuring figure for investors long long relying on the enormous debts-sand-lows and notoriously unstable politics.

Although the highly respected Draghi is seen by many Italians as a natural choice, party leaders have urged him to remain at the forefront of the coalition, warning it would likely turn out useless if he leaves the helm.

If he becomes president, his first job would be to form a new prime minister and convince both the right and the left to remain together in government ranks.

Candidate en general don't declare themselves before parliament's election, which usually takes place in the secret of a secret vote of both the upper and lower houses, and the representatives from the 20 regions of Italy.

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