American life expectancy pushed to post-World War II drop last year

American life expectancy pushed to post-World War II drop last year ...

The death expectancy of the United States grew 1.8 to 77 last year from 2019 to the highest increase since World War II, thanks to the Covid pandemic.

In the same year, covid deaths totaled 351,000 deaths, thereby ranking them third among the diseases with which they became more common with heart disease and cancer, which surpassed 600,000.

Female life expectancy lowered 2.1 years to 74.2 in 2020, while female life expectancy decreased 2.3 years to 79.9.

It was obvious that the news wasn't good.

The loss of two years seems to be limited, but this is rolling back decades and decades of progress, said Dr. Zinzi Diana Bailey, a social epidemiologist at the University of Miamis Miller School of Medicine. We are going backwards.

The Straw Recommands.

The doctor say that the negative effects of Covid aren't a huge surprise.

If you have a pandemic which has a lasting impact on your lives, you will see directly transmitted from the virus and cascading deaths that occur due to the disruptions that occurred to normal health, says Dr. Amesh Adalja, an epidemiologist of the University of Johns Hopkins, PBS.

There were other killers in the top 10: unintentional injuries, stroke, acute lower respiratory diseases, Alzheimers disease, diabetes, flu and pneumonia and kidney failure.

During the last year the life expectancy was already down due to the deaths of opioid users and suicides in cases of overdose.

On the contrary, infant mortality rose to a record low of 521.9 deaths per 100,000 live births.

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