Belgium shut down cinemas, theatres as Omicron cases surged

Belgium shut down cinemas, theatres as Omicron cases surged ...

BRUSSELS, 21 Dec - Belgium will close cinemas and theatres and play sporting fixtures with closed doors on its doorstep immediately after Christmas in tightening coronavirus restriction to stop the surge in cases of the Omicron variant.

Alexander de Croo said on Wednesday that the previous three weeks limiting the amount of COVID-19 infections (the number one choice of the Delta variant) has been decreased since last November peak.

"Despite the slightly positive figures, it's clear that there's some concern. The pirate ship off the coast is a variant of the Omicron variant," he told a news conference.

Omicron now makes up 30 per cent of new cases compared to just 10% last Friday, he said. To return from holidays, school will need new measures for the sake of more students returning to school, on Jan 10th.

There will be no indoor activity on Sunday, except for museums visits, exercise, weddings or funerals. As far as shopping goes, the two-person limit is for the stadiums and sports events can be established without spectators.

The state of Belgium, where a single group has the European Commission, will still allow bars and restaurants to remain open until 11 o'clock.

If only tiny territories like Andorra and Guernsey were allowed to carry the third highest average daily rate of cases per capita in early December, Belgium had only 28% more per capita in the world, according to the European Disease Prevention and Control.

Despite its affluent mortality rate, its booster shots are now more advanced than most countries in the EU.

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