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This red pill may contain SPOILERS for Matrix Resurrections.

The Wachowskis series does not have a post-credit scene, but the fourth movie is an entertaining and exciting surprise for those who stick around.

Scroll down to eat that FULL SPOILER pill and see how deep the rabbit hole is.

The beginning of the story is that Neo and Trinity (Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss) escape the Matrix, take control of the simulated world from The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) and fly to redesign it together.

After the credits roll, we removed from Deus Machina, the developer who was working for Neo in the Warner Bros.-owned game, and forced back into his Matrix identity, Thomas Anderson, he created a trilogy of games with the impression that he was able to make a mere creation of his imagination.

Early in The Matrix Resurrections, the former nemesis, Agent Smith (Jonathan Groff), has been living a new Matrix life as his business partner, and gave the order that Warner Bros. wants to make a fourth game to the public. They brainstormed and put up a brainstorming session to introduce the idea of the game's action, a cerebral narrative and the signature bullet time. It's so meta that you might briefly question the reality.

I think that guy can return to the matrix.

We get some more of that in the postcredit period.

The fact is that movies are dead. Games are dead, a developer says. "Narrative is dead."

According to his colleague, media is just a "neuro-trigger response and viral conditioning". They suggest tapping into the golden Internet tradition of cat videos and suggest that their next project will be the catrix series, where there's actually a video that has similar names which feature a.

It might presumably mention the cat's cat Deja Vu, a callback to the early moment when Neo after the machines made a modification of the Matrix. All animals in the Matrix are.

You can't imagine you'll see a fifth movie in that name but we should all welcome our digital filthy overlords in the coming time. Let's nay your ax!

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