Queen's Brian May details an 'horrendous' COVID battle, urges vaccination

Queen's Brian May details an 'horrendous' COVID battle, urges vaccination ...

Brian May is urging the public to get vaccinated. He said he believed that Pfizer vaccine saved him from death while he was fighting against the virus. He said that May, 74, has not even lost his way to sharing pictures of himself in the worst mood, despite fearing a fanatic of the disease.

As of the weekend, May shared photos of a randomized test in a home environment showing a positive result.

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In the past few days, May shared more photos and revealed that he and his wife, both vaccinated and boosted, believe that they were infected at a birthday meal with friends. May had even taken a home test that morning to see whether he was negative.

"But yeah, you kind of know that you're taking a risk," he says of attending the party, adding that the lunch was inside and no masks were worn.

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In a second video, May shows how his symptoms took off on Sunday after the Saturday party, but had a negative test until Tuesday. It came out to the extent that he had been in a sick heart, that he had already been sick, and he had a bad stomach.

I feel that my immune system is now winning the battle against the invader," May said.

"I'm here for you, but if I'm okay, it's not scary," May said. "It's hard to be a good woman and be tough.

May said that half of the 40 partygoers had been infected within three days, making him feel like a little bit more anxious. He said that it was interesting because the partygoers had the omicron variant with their speed and the symptoms. He noted that he never lost his ability to taste or smell.

May continued sharing photos of his positive test and observing his mood.

He wrote on Tuesday that the Beast was still in my body, "but I can still feel it. Then ingestion, snuffles, the right hand. And the thing wouldn't be late for me."

In August, May, who has severe adverse effects on the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, refuses to play in venues where they need proof of vaccination.

There's always a side effect in any drug, but to go around saying vaccines are a plot to kill you, sorry, that goes on in the fruitcake jar for me," May said.

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