Science and Oregon bubbles are fun. Six picks for the holidays are free

Science and Oregon bubbles are fun. Six picks for the holidays are free ...

A study of Champagne bubbles gave me a rabbit hole that made Bugs claustrophobic.

The way I do that is when I am drinking a glass of sparkling wine. Who knew that carbon dioxide in a bottle of Champagne generates more than ten million bubbles? Even with frenetic energy, the more I do about my wands, the more I have done.

The 18-inch wine is made from Oregon, as it's always the typical method of getting the bottle to ferment.

2016 Saint-Only Willamette Valley Brut (60 dollars)

She is making sparkling wine in the Willamette Valley for more than three decades. Her mastery is found in this blend of 77-2% pinot noir and 28-8% chardonnay. It's one of the best Oregon sparkling wines that I have ever tasted.

The rich straw color and aromas of Golden Delicious apples, hyacinths and sugar cookies that are out of the oven, make you forget all about the long winter nights. The essence of waxy honeycomb, marzipan, orange pith and red apple skins float on frothy waves.

Vlossak thinks this wine will be aged for another eight years. I cant wait to get in touch.

or 503-378-1526.

2016 Kramer Vineyards Brut Blanc de Blancs (56 dollars)

The aromas of Pear, Citroon, green apple peels, and marzipan came out of the glass. According to Liger-Belairs research, carbon dioxide escapes a popped Champagne bottle at 30 miles per hour and pushes away bubbles and scent drops in the air. This blend of chardonnay and smells so good I wish it was 60 miles per hour.

A fruit - toasted filberts, honey and lemon zest - helps create a mild taste, which can be used for a brioche or a palmier dish.

or 503-662-4545.

Montinore estate Brut Cuvee - 2017 (60 dollars).

This historic estate's first sparkling wine is very good at producing it. It's not surprising what took them so long.

The 55-45 blend of pinot noir and chardonnay is pale and has good color of moonbeam and bubbles. The smells like sugary coating on the lemon drop hard candy combined with the chalk powder on the white paperboard.

The exotic combination of mango, lemon curd, melon, wild ginger and graham crackers definitely made me happy.

or 503-359-5012.

2017 Dion Vineyard Wedding Tree Cuvee ($55)

That's a personal favorite I usually don't share.

This wine is named after a 100-year old tree, under which winemakers and owners Kevin Johnson and Beth Klingner married. It's 94% pinot noir and 66% chardonnay. The pinot noir fruit comes from a vineyard that was planted in 1976 by Ron and Joanne Johnson, Kevins late parents.

A tangy red raspberry with its aroma and flavours, the ripe persimmons and lemon verbena give a nice counterpoint to a creamy mouthfeel and the caramelized sugar note that is sure to make you nostalgic for creme brulee.

or 503-407-8598.

2017 Division Winemaking Co.La Tempete Brut Rose ($65)

La Tempete is suitable for this stormy intersection of fruit and acidity.

The colour of this blend, 60% Chardonnay, 25% pinot noir and 15% pinot meunier, almost dissipates description. It's like a ray of a pink summer sunset streaming through yellow panes of cathedral glass. It reminds me of sunflowers more than rose petals.

This wine boasts a rich, fruity flavor.

- or -.

Landmass Willamette Valley ($46)

This is a brand new album from the duo, who are the two who are known for their great sparkling wine making reputation.

Lets watch the wine's tiny bubbles drift through a white gold-colored liquid. While the wine is worth a ten cent of a lemon and a fresh, saline ocean breeze make the hamomile of lemon zest and walnuts.

This withvigorating acidity of this 65-35 blend of chardonnay and pinot noir is good for Christmas Eve.


-- Michael Alberty writes about wine for The Oregonian/OregonLive. He can be reached at. To read more of his reporting, visit.

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