As the COVID-19 cases hit new heights, restaurants, shows and schools in the united states reluctantly closed down

As the COVID-19 cases hit new heights, restaurants, shows and schools in the united states reluctant ...

In a letter by Stacie Sherman, Bloomberg News (TNS).

The state and city officials pledged to avoid the unimpressed shutdowns that led to the economic downheaval of the first year of the pandemic. But with a surge of cases and the spread of the omicron variant, many restaurants, schools and schools don't have the choice but to close their doors.

In New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams canceled his 3,000-person inauguration in the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn; at Radio City Music Hall and more than a dozen Broadway shows including Hamilton and Aladdin were cancelled. For several of the various restaurants in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.,, closed amid staff outbreaks, and teachers sent.

There was no government order or local restrictions prompting the closures this time around. Instead, businesses were forced to close because too many staffers got COVID or over caution that staying open amid the case surge might contribute to the spread of the disease.

No one saw it coming, said Amanda McMillan, general manager of the company when a number of employees tested positive. It was a long time since we had our public health hat on.

After a day of Christmas Eve celebrations, McMillan had a few flashbacks for the two days before the outbreak, and said he was angry, because she had the restaurant laid off 44 people. "I feel a huge responsibility to keep going. The first time there was Payroll Protection and stimulus money, but I don't think that that will happen now. We have to trudge along now," she said.

The business is closing due to huge COVID cases. The seven day average of new cases in the U.S. has surged 42.3% in one month. In New York, they've jumped more than sixfold.

Since omicron spread rapidly, the american state has focused on allowing people to get vaccinated and boosted by vaccinations.

President Joe also sent 500 million free COVID tests to homes and sent the military to help hospitalized patients. He said vaccinated patients should proceed with Christmas plans, and rejected lockdown measures. The case is scheduled to peak in January, as a year ago.

Funny number is higher, but were now well-established this year, according to Purvi Parikh, an allergist and immunologist in New York. Its OK if people are testing positive, but they arent being hospitalized or dying.

Although omicron is highly contagious, whether it's vaccinated or not, Parikh said. That results in more breakthrough cases, which require a person with a positive test to isolate for 10 days and to contact the same staff as that created in schools, restaurants and cultural venues.

The mayor of Atlanta reenacted a mask requirement on Tuesday after the incidents. New York issued a private-sector vaccine mandate on Dec. 27, in addition to the restrictions on entry to restaurants, shows and other indoor settings.

The last thing I want to do is stand before you at such a podium and announce that we are closing downtown, said Lightfoot Tuesday. That would be devastating. I don't want to have to take that step but again, the unvaccinated are the reasons for that

The school has closed 646 in a class of 18 in the first half of this week, up from 356 last week's, according to Burbio, a data service that aggregates the calendars nationwide. At college, Cornell and Princeton are among those who closed early amid outbreaks and many other colleges are planning on remote learning in January to protect against a COVID surge.

But many other businesses are continuing the course. MSG Entertainment said that big events like the WWE Live Holiday Tour on Dec. 26 and the Phish run on the Garden on Dec. 29 will continue. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city's massive New Years Eve celebration was still on.

No more shutdowns, said De Blasio. Weve been through them, they were devastating. We cant go through them again.

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