He stepped in with a wife and was forced to pay her a friend

He stepped in with a wife and was forced to pay her a friend ...

A stubborn blaze started early Monday morning and rekindled for two hours on Wednesday morning.

It could've been more important to the site of the 38 Jackson Street complex, located on the Observer Highway. The County Attorney's office ignored this request but has not responded.

The department is currently working with the Chambord Place building in Hoboken, NJ. Please avoid the area around 38 Jackson Street in New Jersey and keep everyone safe.

The firefighters from Hoboken and Jersey City are currently in the area battling the fire. The blaze was reported early Monday morning and was extinguished; a second victim, a 61-year-old man, was not identified.

Firefighters returned to the scene after the fire broke out, Monday afternoon.

The latest incident is on the side of the building opposite the location of the initial fire Monday morning. At least three business located inside 38 Jackson suffered heavy damage. The building, known for the Chambord Building, is home to a lot of companies.

The building, once owned by My-T-Fine, was sold in June for $30 million. However, it was reported that there were plans to transform it into a mixed-use construction called Southwest Market.

Fatal 3-alarm fire at the 38. Jackson Street, Hoboken, Dec. 21, 2021.

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