The governor planned to celebrate Christmas with his family and friends outside the country

The governor planned to celebrate Christmas with his family and friends outside the country ...

The Murphys celebrate Christmas in 4000 miles south of New Jersey.

His office told New Jersey Advance Media that he has left the state for an eight-day holiday on the island of Costa Rica with his wife and son.

Murphy and her first lady Tammy will depart for Central American Land on Wednesday and return Thursday, Dec. 30 according to the governors schedule.

Tenant Governor will serve as interim governor during that period.

The state recorded more than 6,000 cases a day each of the seven days over the next seven days.

According to a report from the news eve of New York on Wednesday, the second most recent state has announced in one day. Hospitalizations, however, haven't been increasing steadily as a new case, the public says. That part of the reason it's important that the vaccine helps fight the cancer.


It was asked Monday whether it's the right time for Murphy to go out of state in light of the crisis.

So we're living together as family, the governor said in an unrelated event in Trenton. God, we should be.

Murphy and other state officials called on New Jerseyans to be cautious during the holidays, including to get vaccines at the COVID-19 vaccination dose and to be tested before gatherings.

The governor said Thursday that He wanted to wish everyone good holiday. "Thank you for vaccinating, and giving me a boost and you can be smart. I don't blame you, I don't like it, but for you if you are inside and don't know everybody else's vaccination status. Put on one."

Murphy and his wife are both vaccinated.

This marks the third time a personal trip from the pandemic began in March 2020. He didn't travel abroad last year but the Murphys visited and then spent around Thanksgiving. The governor has also gone out of the state a few times for government or political reasons.

The family left in 2019, two months before the start of the pandemic in 2018. By the year when Murphy was last the first one to the office, the family got out of the habit of taking breaks in the holiday.

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