I have an inherited IRA. How soon do I need to make any dividends?

I have an inherited IRA. How soon do I need to make any dividends? ...

Q. The IRA reveals that I have an inherited IRA and that it has given me ten years to withdraw the funds and a month for not taking annual distributions. Then I wrote that the IRS said that you should take annual distributions between the two years and nine - and make the balance in the tenth year. Was the balance correct?


A. It depends on the time in which you receive an inherited IRA.

The law has a major change in recent years, and it has been confused to see how it'll work.

If your inherited IRA is covered by the IRS, James Suazo said. He was a certified financial advisor to Baron Financial Group in Fair Lawn.

If the deceased passed away after December 31, 2019, the 10-year rule isn't applicable.

The IRS report said that beneficiaries who don't take life expectancy payments must withdraw the entire balance of the IRA by December 31, the year after the tenth anniversary of the owner's death.

Suazo offered this example: If the owner died in 2020, the beneficiary would have to by December 31, 2030. That beneficiary is allowed, but not limited to taking distributions in the tenth year, but the full amount is needed for distribution within the tenth year.

Suazo recommends you go to an accountant and make sure the best distribution plan fits your specific situation.

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