Can Apple stocks hit new highs by year's end?

Can Apple stocks hit new highs by year's end? ...

Apple (A) - shares earlier this month were market leader, but they have wobbled over the last few trading sessions.

Apple was very good at managing the performance of the entire market. As well as the loss of gold, the stock was too weak.

In fact, on Dec. 13, the tech giant, Cupertino, Calif., wrote about the potential sell-the-news. The stock then posted five daily losses in six-session span.

Apple has now begun to see a way to find its foundation.

It was reported recently that Apple sold its own stock for a large sum but no surprise given its buyback commitment last quarter.

Now bulls are wondering if all that buying will eventually pay off. Lets look at the chart.

Daily chart of Apple stocks.

Chartcourtesy of

It's simple.

Check it out the way shares of Apple closed lower on Friday and Monday, but both times rallied from the open. We know that, in a candle.

TheStreet recommands.

An open-red candle, which we have, is called the dark yellow candle - which we call 'the opening' a fake candle, despite being more cautious, but rather a deep-red candle, like Thursday, Dec. 16 - means we have two hollow red candles. That makes us a close of a tiger, so the stock won't get bad.

Apple stocks held the moving average of 21 days.

Apple closed the box with a bounce yesterday.

Trading and Traders were looking for a daily up rotation, at $173.20.

From here, I want to see whether Apple stocks continue to push higher. It is larger today than its daily moving averages.

If the rate of the hit goes up, the rate of fall remained low and $179.50 area in play. Apple has failed twice on its push over $180. And so, if it continues to advance, we want to be aware of the location.

With an average of 280 dollars we have the opportunity to start talking about the $188-184 area, where Apple.

Keep in mind todays low near $172 and ten days moving average.

The rise in if the low fell below these measures could put the 21-day moving average on the table followed by a disappointing loss in this week's price of nearly $65,654.

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