Spain joins the league in testing vaccinated players every day

Spain joins the league in testing vaccinated players every day ...

- The second division, in the league, will give all players daily tests in order to respond to a positive case rise.

This move highlights the different approaches being taken by the top teams of Europe's top leagues to the question of mass testing of fully vaccinated players.

In a new protocol distributed on Wednesday to the club and watched by Reuters, LaLiga said that 95% of players are fully vaccinated or have immunity, so new steps are required.

"With the surge in Omicron, it's not necessary to let our guard down and establish a minimum protocol with a series of obligations and recommendations that are necessary to stop the spread of the virus," said the league.

Before games, players and staff will be treated at antigen testing every day, so that they enter their club's facilities. LaLiga will give 60 antigen test kits every day for each first and second division club.

Tests are carried out weekly, and also when players leave from a period of three or more days, including from the national team's duty. Before the match, the home team must test in the morning and the team away before entering the game.

Testing is also needed on close contacts with players every ten days.

Spain's approach is similarly similar to that of the Premier League last week that carried out 2.145 tests on players and staff, with 90 new positive cases proving to be acceptable.

The Premier League has daily antigen tests, and weekly tests with a PCR, and it is no secret that the vaccine is vaccinated.


The mass tests against fully vaccinated players are in contrast to the approach adopted by Italy's Serie A, France's Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga.

Serie A has reported that 98 percent of its players are double vaccinated and does not have league mandated tests for them.

Under the Italian law, the number of nonvaccinated players has restricted the number of unvaccinated players. However, every club is free to test players whenever they wish to, unvaccinated players must be tested twice within three days before the game.

In France, an expert tells the home club that only the team that shows the covariance of COVID-19, and also the staff that show their symptoms and the vaccination tests, if it's all within three days of the game, a player can't take an apron test before the game.

In the Bundesliga, players must report the status of all players irrespective of whether they have been vaccinated or recovered from the virus. Fully vaccinated people must no longer undergo a continuous exam.

All unvaccinated players or staff have to perform two PCR tests a week, of which one is 48 hours before any match, or perform an antigen test on training days or on game days. Those who regain immunity from COVID have no right to do that.

Germany's measures are regionally adjusted as they are relevant to local health rules.

Last week the NFL switched the weekly tests of asymptomatic fully vaccined players from a straight to a targeted system with a focus on symptom screening.

NFL players that aren't fully vaccinated will continue to receive daily tests.

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