UK reduces COVID-19 self-isolation to seven days for the majority of the UK's households

UK reduces COVID-19 self-isolation to seven days for the majority of the UK's households ...

A lateral meter test result results can take two days in a row - The Government said it has been reducing the COVID-19 self-isolation period to seven days from 10 days per person in England to be sick of a negative result.

Since the Omicron variant spread rapidly in Britain and of the recent cases, many industries have had a shortage of staff, notably hospitals which have warned of the danger of a patient's safety.

The UK Health Security Agency said its analysis suggests that a two-day isolation period, followed by negative lateral flow tests, had nearly the same protective effect as a 10-day isolation period without testing.

"We want to reduce the impact of COVID-19 to everyone's everyday lives," said a Health Secretary.

A flow test, which is available free from the National Health Service (NHS), can be carried out by homes and result within 15 to 30 minutes.

Those who receive a negative lateral flow result on day six and day seven of their self-isolation period, with tests taken 24 hours apart, don't have to isolate for ten days anymore, said the government.

The UKHSA said that "intentionally advised" those who leave their self-isolation after seven days to limit contact with others in crowded or poorly ventilated spaces, work from home and reduce contact with those most vulnerable to COVID-19.

"The new approach reflects the latest evidence that the recent cases of malaria are spreading, and supported essential public services and supply chains over the winter, while limiting the spread of the virus," said the UK Health Office.

Currently, 129 people are in the hospital with an Omicron variant, and at the moment 14 people died with it according to the government data.

They said they will introduce new restrictions to curb the spread of the virus.

The situation remained extremely difficult. The government could be forced to act afterwards.

More restrictions are due to the collected data.

The decision is well-written. The whole government examines the information on daily basis. We follow a careful review by Javid.

He said the government wouldn't hesitate to act if new restrictions were necessary.

The UKHSA said that it will publish its latest assessment of the severity of Omicron on Thursday.

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