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Mcdonald's Is Closing All Restaurants In Singapore Due To Coronavirus

Mcdonald's Is Closing All Restaurants In Singapore Due To Coronavirus

McDonald's Corporation announced the suspension of all its fast-food restaurants in Singapore due to coronavirus. The respective message appeared on the company's official Facebook page on Sunday.

"As a preventive measure and following the recommendations of the Ministry of health, all retail activities will be discontinued from April 19 to May 4," the statement said. This decision also applies to delivery services and "McAuto," the company said. This week, it was reported that at least seven McDonald's employees in Singapore were infected with the coronavirus.

The number of cases of coronavirus infection in Singapore is approaching 6 thousand, while 740 patients have recovered. In connection with the pandemic, the authorities imposed a partial quarantine regime from April 7 to May 4. This means closing all institutions that are not of social significance and are not fundamental to maintaining a stable state. Also, classes in schools and universities have been switched to a distance form. At the same time, food stores, pharmacies, hairdressers continue to operate, and cafes and restaurants sell takeaway food only. The ban on moving around the city was not introduced, public transport and taxis continue to function.

Meanwhile, the government urged the population to stay at home, go out only for the most necessary things, keep a social distance, and not gather in groups. Besides, it is mandatory to wear masks in all places.

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