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National Interest Rated Russian Hypersonic Missiles "Zircon"

National Interest Rated Russian Hypersonic Missiles "Zircon"

Russian anti-ship hypersonic missiles "Zircon" pose a significant threat even in the absence of a nuclear warhead, according to the American military publication National Interest.

Author of the publication Caleb Larson considers the ability to launch hypersonic missiles from submarines very powerful. "Although it is believed that the zircon is armed with conventional explosives, this hardly matters," he writes.

According to Larson, the speed of the "Zircon" in five Mach generates so much kinetic energy that even" a concrete-filled warhead will make a huge hole in the aircraft carrier."

The publication notes that modern missile defense systems are not able to withstand hypersonic weapons. The National Interest considered that the platform for underwater placement of "Zircons" will be the new Russian submarines by the Yasen project.

The combination of hypersonic weapons and the Ashen's low magnetic signature puts these ships on a par with the more powerful and faster American Seawolf-class submarines.

Zircon missiles are developed by NPO Mechanical Engineering. Their main difference is the greater flight speed compared to another anti-ship missiles-up to eight Mach.

The missile is currently being tested. In January 2020, the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, announced that the first ship to install "Zircons" will be one of the frigates of the fleet. He noted that today's weapons tests are successful, and the placement on the frigate will eliminate the "children's diseases" of the missile.

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