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UAE Will Sell Russian-Made Arab Space Food

UAE Will Sell Russian-Made Arab Space Food

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre of the United Arab Emirates is going to bring to the domestic market Arab space food, which will be produced in Russia, according to materials available to RIA News.

In September-October 2019, the first UAE cosmonaut, Hazza al-Mansouri, flew to the International space station on the Soyuz spacecraft. During the flight, he and his colleagues at the station tasted Arabic national dishes prepared in Russia.

According to the materials, Glavkosmos ("daughter" of Roscosmos), by order of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space center, must provide a batch of Arab national space food products and sets of them to be brought to the domestic market under the Emirati Space Food brand.

The food itself will be produced by the Russian company "Space Nutrition Laboratory." These will be Halal (properly prepared and allowed to Muslim food) Maroubra (the main ingredient is chicken) in a tuba, Salona (roast lamb with vegetables), and Balaleet (vermicelli with egg omelet) - in aluminum cans.

In October 2019, the Minister for food security of the UAE, Mariam al-Mheiri, told RIA Novosti that the experience of producing Arabic food for al-Mansouri can be an excellent starting point for the development of innovations in the field of food.

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