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Tom Hanks And Bill Murray Could Have Played "Eyes Wide Shut" Instead Of Tom Cruise

Tom Hanks And Bill Murray Could Have Played "Eyes Wide Shut" Instead Of Tom Cruise

A new biography of Stanley Kubrick, written by the University of Houston Professor David Mikics, is out in August. The book contains details about the Director's latest film, eyes wide shut. Mikics writes that Kubrick initially saw Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, and other actors in the lead role, not Tom cruise.

Cruise played new York doctor Bill Harford, who becomes jealous of his wife (Nicole Kidman) after she confesses that she was charmed by a random naval officer. He leaves the house in the middle of the night and goes to the castle, where there is a ritual Orgy, and all present wear Venetian masks.

According to Mikics, Kubrick made a list of actors back in the 1970s. In addition to Hanks and Murray, it mentions Woody Allen, Steve Martin, Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Alan Alda, Albert Brooks, and Sam Shepard.

In his notes, the Director noted that he was looking for a candidate with the charisma of a comedian, but, as Mikics writes, in the end, he chose an actor without "a comic bone in his body." The book also says that the Comedy charm would have served as a defense mechanism for the hero, but Kubrick decided to abandon this idea.

"Eyes Wide Shut" was based on Arthur Schnitzler's Novella about dreams and was released in July 1999, four months after Kubrick's death. The film was also shown at the Venice film festival.

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