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The First Russian Coronavirus Vaccines Will Be Available Within Two Weeks

The First Russian Coronavirus Vaccines Will Be Available Within Two Weeks

The first batch of Russian coronavirus vaccine will be available within two weeks, said Mikhail Murashko, head of the Russian Ministry of health. Medical workers and risk groups will be vaccinated first, he added. Mr. Murashko himself plans to be vaccinated in August.

"Quality control is underway today. Within two weeks, the first packages of medicines will be released, they will be delivered for (vaccination) of doctors and risk groups," Mr. Murashko said at a press conference (quoted by Interfax). Mr. Murashko added that the production of the vaccine would be focused on the domestic market. He stressed that the critical statements made by foreign colleagues about the Russian vaccine are groundless.

Besides, the head of the Ministry of Health said that an application is currently being developed that will allow vaccinated patients to report their health. "An information system was created… we plan to expand it to a pool, including those who received a vaccination, and there will also be recorded cases if there are any temperature reactions, or something else. We are also currently working on a mobile app to make it easier to report some of your feelings," the Minister said.

Alexander Ginzburg, Director of the Gamalei National research center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Ministry of health, said that participants in the third phase of the vaccine trial would be able to count on compensation. "All participants of the third phase will be insured, and I think the compensation will be no less than the amount that the corresponding participants of the second phase received," he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the world's first coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine is named Sputnik V. It will enter civil circulation on January 1, 2021. Doubts about the safety of the vaccine were expressed by the chief national expert of the United States on infectious diseases, Anthony Fauci, as well as the world health organization.

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