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An Attack On Journalists Of The Russian BBC Department Happened In Minsk

An Attack On Journalists Of The Russian BBC Department Happened In Minsk

A group of unmarked men attacked journalists of the BBC Russian service in Minsk, the newspaper's website reported on Tuesday.

"A group of men in black uniforms without identification marks approached the journalists, one of them demanded to show accreditation, then tore the card from the correspondent's neck, snatched the camera from his hands and tried to break it," the report says. According to the newspaper, the journalists were not detained.

"All three journalists had accreditation issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, all were wearing identification vests and certificates," the publication added. It's worth noting that two men also began to beat the operator and strike at his camera after they were asked to return the accreditation card.

Presidential elections took place in Belarus on Sunday. After the announcement of the results of exit polls on August 9 in Minsk and other cities of the Republic, Belarusian diplomatic missions abroad began to protest, which turned into clashes with law enforcement officers.

On Monday, the media reported that Daily Storm journalists Anton Starkov and Dmitry Lasenko and war correspondent Semyon Pegov were detained in Minsk on August 9. Besides, it became known about the detention of a photojournalist of MIA "Russia Today" Ilya Pitalev. It was also reported that Meduza journalist Maxim Solopov and a correspondent stopped communicating Nikita Telizhenko. On Monday, Dmitry Mezentsev, the Russian Ambassador to Minsk, informed the Rossiya-24 TV channel that Pegov, Starkov, and Lasenko had been released. On Tuesday, he said that Pitalev, Solopov, and Telizhenko were also released.

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