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Google Is About To Issue Its Debit Card

Google Is About To Issue Its Debit Card

Google is working on its own debit card integrated into the Google Pay payment service, according to the publication TechCrunch. The company thus intends to compete with Apple and its credit card Apple Card, according to one of the sources of the publication.

The Google map, according to screenshots and images for internal use, will be issued jointly with banks Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union. The physical and virtual cards will have their own details. Users will be able to block their physical card and use the virtual one if they lose it.similarly, they will be able to generate a new virtual card number if the old one has fallen into the hands of fraudsters. Google did not deny TechCrunch information about the development and noted that it is "exploring opportunities for cooperation with US banks," including with its "main partners — Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union."

Google issued its first credit card in 2012 in the United States and the United Kingdom. It was intended for small and medium-sized businesses that use the AdWords account. In 2013, Google introduced a debit card linked to the balance in the currently inactive Wallet service. In 2016, Google stopped servicing Wallet cards.

Apple Card is available for users in the United States from August 2019. Apple's banking partner is Goldman Sachs. The virtual card is integrated into the Apple Pay service and the iOS operating system.

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