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Boris Johnson Rejected The Idea Of Inviting The First Minister Of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, To A Cabinet Meeting

Boris Johnson Rejected The Idea Of Inviting The First Minister Of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, To A Cabinet Meeting

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejected the offer of the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (Minister for Special Assignments) Michael Gove to invite the leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) and first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon to attend Cabinet meetings, to contain the growing public support for the idea of independence for Scotland.

According to Gove's plan, the SNP leader would have a direct influence on Westminster's policy decisions that affect the whole of the United Kingdom. "Mackle [Gove] suggested this to the government as one of many ideas for dealing with the Scottish question, but Boris [Johnson] didn't like it. He doesn't like the idea of Sturgeon being seen as a figure on the same political level as him," an informed source told the publication.

It was assumed that, in addition to Sturgeon, the meetings of the British Cabinet would also be attended by the First Ministers of Wales and Northern Ireland, who are already participating in emergency meetings of the emergency government Committee Cobra. However, one influential conservative MP pointed out that this plan is obviously doomed to failure since the government relies on the principle of collective responsibility, which Sturgeon and other representatives of parts of the UK would hardly consider acceptable.

In December last year, Sturgeon officially asked London to grant Edinburgh the right to hold a referendum on the independence of the region, justifying this with the results of the last parliamentary elections, in which the Scottish National Party won 48 of the 59 possible seats for the region, which is 13 more than the results of the elections in 2017.

A referendum on Scottish independence took place back in 2014. At least 55% of its participants were in favor of maintaining the Union between Edinburgh and London. However, the SNP ruling in the region took advantage of the results of the all-British referendum on further EU membership, in which the population of Scotland, unlike the UK as a whole, did not support Brexit. This circumstance gave rise to the promotion of the idea of a new referendum on independence, which Sturgeon is going to organize before the end of the powers of the current convocation of the Scottish Parliament in 2021.

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