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Police In Hong Kong Searched The Yacht Of The Arrested Media Mogul Jimmy Lai

Police In Hong Kong Searched The Yacht Of The Arrested Media Mogul Jimmy Lai

Police in Hong Kong on Tuesday searched the yacht of opposition media Mogul Jimmy Lai, who was arrested the day before on suspicion of violating the national security law, according to HK01.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the yacht club in the rural district of Saikung, along with a 72-year-old businessman who was handcuffed. The search of the ship lasted about an hour as part of the ongoing investigation and collection of evidence in this case.

On August 10, in the morning, the police arrested a multi-millionaire Jimmy Lai (Li Zhiying) - the owner of the newspaper "Pingo Zhibao." He is accused of conspiring with foreign forces to undermine national security in Hong Kong. This opposition figure is considered one of the main organizers of last year's anti-government demonstrations in the metropolis and maintains close ties with the US political elite. Last July, it was hosted in Washington by us Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of state Michael Pompeo.

Along with Lai, nine other people were arrested, including His two sons. All of them remain in custody at the moment, and no one has been released on bail.

The day before, about 200 police officers raided the publishing office of the newspaper "Pingo Zhibao" and the holding company Next Digital Media, detaining several top managers there. In the afternoon, three others were arrested, including a representative of the youth opposition movement, 23-year-old Agnes Chow, suspected of colluding with foreign forces.

The police link the arrests of the opposition group to their organized activities in calling on foreign States and organizations to impose sanctions on this special administrative region of China.

US sanctions

On August 7, the US Treasury announced the imposition of sanctions against 11 former and current officials of China and Hong Kong, including the Chief Executive of this special administrative region of China, Carrie Lam, for involvement in"undermining the autonomy of Hong Kong."

On June 30, the Standing Committee of the national people's Congress (PRC Parliament) adopted the law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong. According to Beijing, the law is aimed at preventing crimes such as separatism, terrorism, Subversion of state power, collusion with foreign forces, and provides for life imprisonment as capital punishment. The Chinese Central Government has also established special state security agencies in Hong Kong that are not subject to the jurisdiction of the local administration.

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