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Hainan Will Invest $59 Million To Create A World-Class Volcanic Geopark

Hainan Will Invest $59 Million To Create A World-Class Volcanic Geopark

The authorities of the southern Chinese province of Hainan will attract investment of 417 million yuan (about $ 59 million at the current exchange rate) to create a world-class Geopark on the island in the zone of ancient extinct volcanoes, according to Zhongguo Sylvanian.

The territory of such a tourist attraction will be about 108 square km. Soon, 46 special infrastructure facilities will be built there for the needs of tourists. The Geopark is located 15 km southwest of the provincial administrative center of Haikou. Until the beginning of may, the local government accepts proposals and requests regarding this project.

"This will be a "tourist Mecca" for fans of volcanoes, said the representative of the local authorities. "The project has huge potential and will play an important role in the economic development of the areas adjacent to Haikou from the South."

According to official statistics, there are more than 100 extinct volcanoes on Hainan, 86 of them are quite large. These geological formations are located in the Northern part of the island-in the Haikou district, near the cities of Wenchang, Danzhou and Qionghai, as well as in the counties of Ding'an, Chengmai and Lingao. The area of mountains made of volcanic rock in the region exceeds 4 thousand square km.

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