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The First Photo Of Juan Carlos I On Arrival In Abu Dhabi Appeared In The Media

The First Photo Of Juan Carlos I On Arrival In Abu Dhabi Appeared In The Media

Spanish newspaper Nius published on Saturday the first exclusive photo, which, according to its information, shows Juan Carlos I on arrival at the airport in Abu Dhabi.

In the picture, the former head of the state in a mask gets out of the plane. The publication assures that the photo was taken on August 3.

On Friday, the ABC newspaper reported that Juan Carlos I, who abdicated the Spanish throne in 2014, is now in the United Arab Emirates. The former head of state went from the Spanish city of Vigo to Abu Dhabi on a private plane, from where he was taken by helicopter to one of the most expensive hotels in the world-the Emirates Palace.

On August 3, it was officially announced that Juan Carlos I had informed his son, King Philip VI, of his decision to leave the country. The former head of state was at the epicenter of a major scandal. In Switzerland and Spain, investigations are underway, in one way or another, related to possible foreign accounts of the honorary king (this is the title that Juan Carlos I bears after his abdication).

Now there is no official information where Juan Carlos I went. Earlier, the media reported that the former head of state could have left for the Dominican Republic or Portugal.

The 82-year-old Juan Carlos I was head of state from 1975 to 2014. He abdicated in favor of his son Philip VI. For about 58 years, he lived in the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.

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