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The Senate of the United States is scheduled to vote on a bill that will strengthen government by eliminating shutdown risks

The Senate of the United States is scheduled to vote on a bill that will strengthen government by eliminating shutdown risks

The United States Senate is set to vote on Thursday night to fund the government through mid-February, avoiding the danger of a partial shutdown, Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters.

That decision would take place hours after the House of Representatives voted 221-212 to approve the stopgap funding bill, which runs through Feb. 18. Only one Republican supported it.

"It's looking fantastic that we're going to pass the CR tonight and ensure the government stays open," Schumer stated on Thursday.

He did not mention a proposal by a modest group of hardline Republican senators to defy President Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccination mandate for workers; it wasn't clear those Republicans had the authority to pass their proposal in the narrowly Democratic chamber.

Senators Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Roger Marshall had previously discussed the possibility that the government may partially shut down over the weekend while the Senate progresses slowly toward eventually passage.

Vice President Kamala Harris may vote as a tiebreaker while Democratic candidates hold 50 seats in the 100-seat Senate.

Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who must end the rebellion within his caucus in order to keep the government operating, stated that there would be no shutdown.

However, he declined to answer whether Republicans would agree to move swiftly if they consent to circumvent the Senate's difficult legislative norms.

"We need to pass it, and we'll be working toward doing," the top Senate Republican told reporters.

Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, blasted the Republican decision, saying it demonstrated "irresponsibility" that Congress would reject.

When the COVID-19 epidemic began, the temporary spending bill would maintain funding for federal government operations, citing concerns about a new rise in cases and the arrival of the variant in the United States.

The emergency bill is required because Congress has yet to approve the 12 annual appropriations bills that will finance government activities for the fiscal year starting on Oct. 1. The emergency legislation is currently required.

A partial government would pose a political embarrassment for both parties, but especially for Biden's Democrats, who narrowly control both chambers of Congress.


Congress faces another difficult campaign right now, due to a recent bankruptcy. The federal government is approaching its $28.9 trillion borrowing limit, which the Treasury Department has estimated to reach by Dec. 15. Failure to extend or lift the limit in time could result in an economically catastrophic debt.

The fact that the temporary spending bill extends funding till February suggested a victory for Republicans in closed-door talks. Democrats had advocated for a measure that would run until late January, while Republicans demanded a longer wait, leaving spending at levels agreed to when Republican Donald Trump was president.

"While I wish it were earlier, this agreement permits the appropriations process to progress toward a final funding agreement that addresses the needs of the American people," House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro stated in a statement announcing the agreement.

She said that Democrats prevailed in bringing in a $7 billion provision for Afghan refugees.

The stopgap funding measure, once enacted, would provide Democrats and Republicans nearly 12 weeks to resolve their flaws over the annual appropriations bills of roughly $1.5 trillion that fund "discretionary" federal programs for this fiscal year. Those bills do not include mandatory funding for programs such as the Social Security retirement plan that are restructured automatically.

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