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Pro-Trump lawyers have ordered to pay $175,000 for a 'frivolous' election lawsuit

Pro-Trump lawyers have ordered to pay $175,000 for a 'frivolous' election lawsuit

WASHINGTON, Dec 2 (Reuters) - A US judge on Thursday ordered Sidney Powell and other attorneys who sued in Michigan to overturn Democratic President Joe Biden's election victory to pay a $175,000 fine, reaffirming an earlier conclusion that the lawsuit was frivolous.

In August, District Judge Linda Parker in Detroit declared that Powell, Lin Wood, and other attorneys aligned with former President Donald Trump would be sanctioned, but had not determined the dollar amount.

Parker said the money should be given to Michigan and the City of Detroit to compensate for time government lawyers spent defending against the case.

"Plaintiffs' attorneys filed this lawsuit without conducting the required degree of diligence regarding the truth of the allegations made or the merits of the legal claims asserted," Parker said in Thursday's order.

Parker ordered disciplinary bodies to investigate whether the pro-Trump lawyers' legal licenses should be revoked in her August ruling, as well as ordering the lawyers to attend workshops on the ethical and legal requirements for filing legal claims.

Donald Campbell, a lawyer for Powell and her co-counsel, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Powell represented Trump's campaign when he attempted to overturn last Nov. 3's presidential election in the courts. She said without evidence at a Nov. 19 news conference that electronic voting systems had switched millions of votes to Biden.

Powell's voter fraud claims were "nothing but speculation and conjecture," in a written decision last December, Parker stated, and that the Texas-based lawyer waited too long to file her case in any case.

Powell claims in court filings that her conduct was fair, saying she had vetted her election fraud claims before suing.

Beginning in January 2020, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel and other government attorneys urged the judge to discipline the pro-Trump lawyers, saying they had filed a squabbling lawsuit with typos and factual errors and should be held accountable.

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