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Murphy, the Supreme Democratic nominee for a new round of gun-control regulations in New Jersey, is the top Democrat who is pushing for a new gun-control legislation

Murphy, the Supreme Democratic nominee for a new round of gun-control regulations in New Jersey, is the top Democrat who is pushing for a new gun-control legislation

Gov. on Thursday told state lawmakers to pass a new round of gun-control regulations in New Jersey over the next few weeks, urging them to adopt a new round of gun-control regulations, citing support from one of the state's top lawmakers.

State Assembly Speaker, D-Middlesex, joined Murphy to promote the legislation, which would require a safety course for gun owners, ban.50 caliber guns, and establish standards for active shooter drills in schools and take other actions. The bill was gathered with parents and student activists.

This is Murphy's third package of gun-control measures since taking office in 2018 and one of the first significant initiatives he's taking after winning re-election last month in.

"We have re-established ourselves as the quintessential gun safety state," Murphy stated at the event.

However, after another school shooting, in which four students were murdered by a 15-year-old classmate with his father's gun on Tuesday, the work of enacting "common sense" gun safety measures is not finished.

We gather today as families halfway across the country in Michigan are grappling with the grief and horror that their children are no longer with them, the governor stated. Those children should all be alive today. Their peers should not be grappling with the after effects of their schools hallways being in the gunman's crosshairs.

Murphy stated that passing the package of bills, introduced in April, tops his to-do list during the lame-duck legislative voting session, spanning the period between last month's elections and when the new state Legislature is sworn in Jan. 11. All bills do not pass during the session must be reintroduced.

Coughlin announced that he will post the bills for a vote in the Democratic-controlled Assembly before the session takes place.

Student who attended the press conference told the speaker, "This is as much for you as anybody else."

However, Coughlin stated, We're proud in New Jersey and we ought to be, that we have the most tough, common-sense gun safety regulations, adding. We're proud in New Jersey and we ought to be, that we have the most tough, common-sense gun safety regulations, he said. In New Jersey, 445 people have died on average from gun violence and 1,398 have been wounded.,

New Jersey firearm deaths are low while compared to the rest of the nation, he added, but by our standard, we have failed those people.

The Democratic-controlled state Senate would have to pass the legislation before Murphy could sign them into law. It's unclear if state Senate President, D-Gloucester, who was taken from his seat last month would post them in his chamber.

Sweeney said he supports some of the bills, not all of them, in an interview to reporters after a voting session later in the day at the Statehouse in Trenton. He also promised to look at them all.

Sweeney also stated he wants more emphasis on guns employed in crime in New Jersey that make their way into the state illegally.

Despite the fact that Democrats held their control on both the Senate and Assembly in last months elections, Republicans, yet, while lame duck is the last chance Democrats will have to pass legislation before they enter the new session with a little majority, Democrats may now be leery of tackling progressive legislation because all 120 seats in the Legislature are up for grabs again in two years.

Ed Murray | NJ Advance Media for as Governor Phil Murphy makes an announcement regarding gun safety at Metuchen Borough Hall, in Metuchen, N.J. December 2, 2021 Motivational decorated stones as Governor Phil Murphy makes a gun safety announcement at Metuchen Borough Hall, in Metuchen, N.J.

Steve Oroho, R-Sussex, and Mike Testa, R-Cape May, issued a statement defending the governor of "regarding the constitutional rights of legal gun owners," which accused him of "regarding legal gun owners' constitutional rights."

Oroho described the task as a direct attack on responsible, registered firearms owners, sportsmen, and their constitutional rights.

Testa stated that the rush to pass the bills was intended to stifle public opinion.

There are dozens of bills awaiting action in both houses of the Legislature that would do more to fight crime and make New Jersey communities safer for everyone, Testa said. This isnt about public safety; its about his ultimate goal of throwing guns away from the same individuals who follow our laws.

The measures would be followed by:

Jenifer Berrier Gonzalez, a volunteer with the New Jersey chapter of Moms Demand Action, stressed the importance of that bill requiring that guns are locked up, adding that 80 percent of those minors who took their own lives with a gun or committed a shooting on school ground employing a weapon belonging to family or friends.

That's why I encourage the public to recognize the importance of storing firearms and ammunition safely," Berrier Gonzalez said.

If the bills become law, Alex Alejandro Roubian, president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, predicted that minor gun owners would be disproportionately punitive.

Over 90% of people prosecuted by the gun-laws he supports and now wants to expand are people of color, and now he continues to make New Jersey's racist gun laws worse, Roubian stated. All the measures Gov. Murphy advocated for today are specifically designed to make it more expensive and difficult for the low-income community and minorities to own a gun for self-defense.

According to rumors, New Jersey's gun laws are already among the nation's strictest, leading to only California.

Murphy and the Democratic-led Legislature have previously ushered, including measures that reduced magazine capacity to 10 bullets, banned armor-piercing bullets, made it tougher to obtain a handgun license, increased background checks on private gun sales, and pushed the Democratic-led Legislature.

Murphy has also promised to name and shame gunmakers who whose weapons appear on the street, as well as states with lower gun laws, by revealing the source state for each crime gun recovered by police in New Jersey.

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